Athena Domain, Inc. has built its Reputation for

Successfully sourcing, evaluating, planning, acquiring, partnering, developing and disposing diversified real estate projects. We have creatively and cooperatively solved complex real estate problems that others in the business shied away from or thought unsolvable. In every endeavor we have embraced nature and cooperated with neighbors to create win-win solutions. Athena Domain’s expertise in managing risk and uncertainty proactively while focusing on long term value creations is our core strength. Our complete innovative focus on high value, productivity, and engineering are the trademarks of our projects.


With our keen foresight, to align development with a population’s needs and thoughtful environmental stability, we create communities of sustainable value spanning decades. Athena Domain’s endeavors benefit our customers, community residents and investors, strengthening our resolve in our core values of Discipline, Focus, Respect and Professional Operation.










We proactively evaluate risk and perform value assessment before committing to a project with a strategy for creating value for the communities and our investor partners.

We apply strict financial discipline in evaluating and underwriting projects.


Select the best of breed team to work on each project based on the location, challenges, neighborhood challenges, technical know how, market knowledge, etc.




 The focus to pick enduring value projects leads to fulfilled business goals for our investors, partners, clients and local communities.


Our focus on creativity and value add enhances projects helping achieve the desired end goal every time at every project.







We embrace the challenges and assets provided by nature and surroundings while balancing project success and profitability. We strive to value the natural topography of the land while integrating it to the development plan.


We strive to work cooperatively with our neighbors and surroundings to create mutual beneficial practical solutions.

Professional Operation:




Transparency with partners is a core value that we cherish.


We take immense pride in the veracity of our operations. We manage each business interaction with vast commitment and integrity.

Sector Experience:


Our portfolio of projects includes:


Commercial and Mixed Use

 • Land Development

 • Retail and Restaurants

 • Medical

 • Office (Multi Story, multi-tenant and garden office)

 • Resort/Lake/Marina



 • Land development

 • Class A Multi Family

 • High End Single Family Development

 • Master Planned Communities

 • Second Home/Rental


Complexities Addressed


 • Endangered Species Permits

 • FEMA flood Plan Reclamation

 • Challenging Topographical Land

 • Crossing Rail Lines

 • Major off-sites

 • Municipal Utility Districts

 • Neighborhood Groups

 • Rezoning

 • Financing (including specialized government financing programs)

 • Architectural harmony through covenants, reviews, and processes

 • Market Analysis and Visioning

 • Debt/Equity Management

 • Complex Partnership Structures

 • Joint Venture Agreements

 • Entitlement and Vested Rights

 • Reciprocal Usage Agreements

 • Complex Feasibility and Risk Management

 • Lake-side development